Monday, April 5, 2010

Being on the other side...

After surviving the crucio of you-know-who here, A and R found themselves actually taking interviews !!! ( Oh yes , every dog... ) And so their adventures continue..
(For convenience , the interviewee is called I)

A : Is there any difference between NULL and void pointer ?
I : Void pointer is pointer that is void and NULL is aapla NULL pointer re
A : (waits..hoping he will add more)
I : ( silence )
A : You can ask your group mates if you want.
I : ( asks group mate )
I2 : Arey asto na to void kuthetari , NULL mhanje aapla end of linked list re..
A : okk..
R : What is your favourite subject ?
I : I dont know anything about C and DS. I am an EXPERT in DBMS.
R : (asks a few dbms questions and then gets bored)
R to A (in a hush hush voice ) : Arey hyala dusra kahich yet nahi..kay vicharu ?I have to keep him busy nahitar he is disturbing the others.
A to R (in equally hush hush voice ) : Ask normalization . Ani tula samajla tar mala pan samjavun sang..
A and R together (with a devilish smile) : heheh
R : (asks EXPERT)
EXPERT gives up.A and R are still left uneducated . :(
A : What is a global variable ?
I : (looks at A and smiles ) heheh
A : (Tries a different subject) Can you write a code to traverse a tree ?
I : (looks at A and smiles ) heheh
A : (Tries a different language : Asks some puzzle in hindi )
I : (looks at A and smiles ) heheh
A to herself :Wonder what would have happened if GT had taken his interview. (looks around for help and catches the eye of a Dreamz member in another panel (say , D2) )
D2 : (looks at A and smiles ) heheh
A gives up !
Moral of the story : Its verrry easy being on the "other" side...Anyone can do it..So next time you face an interview, look at the interviewer and smile "heheh" :D :D

Happy reading ! :)


  1. hahaha..nice Qs u asked haa.. :) avadlay!! :) hehehe..ajun post kar naa.. :)

  2. thanku nik :)
    Ajun bhetlas ki sangin... All answers werent this entertaining na :P

  3. arre awesome aahe! NULL mhanje end of linked list - ati ucch aahe! aawadley.. :)

  4. That's great... You can be an excellent comic story writer for one of our bollywood movies... :) ... Would you mind if i send this link to the interviewer if he/she gets angry when I look at him and smile "hehe" :D

  5. i wudnt mind..but u dont keep high hopes of getting the job in that case :D

  6. LOlzz!! Majja aali vachtana! :D

  7. Hadnt seen this post.. Rather the whole 'A & R' thing :) I can well imagine, must have been fun..

  8. Hahahahahaha.... "Ani tula samajla tar mala pan samjavun sang.." Super ROFLMAODALJHASDLJKASD! :D