Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Just a thought ..

Just received this message from Sanket and thought of sharing it with all of you !

No poem , no beautiful thought ,
Just a tribute to the times we fought ..
Try and understand what this message says ,
A few days more and we part ways ..
No insane talking then , no crazy pics ,
Our meetings would be dependent on mouse clicks..
The parties would be corporate , the innocence would be lost ,
We would be earning , but at friends' cost ..
We would be professional , we would be "sane" ,
Then this message would be no more than a

Happy reading :)


  1. Something similar that one of my friend's had as his status line a few days back ...

    Ek din zindagi aise mukam pe pahuch jayegi.. yaari-dosti sirf gtalk tak reh jayegi.. Har cup coffee yaad Nescafe ki dilayegi... Aur haste haste fir aankhein nam ho jayegi... Office ke chamber me Labs nazar ayegi... Par chahne pe bhi proxy nahi lag payegi... Paisa to hoga, magar TREATs ki wo wajah kho jayegi... Jee le khulke is pal ko mere dost..... kyuki zindagi in lamhon ko fir se nahi dohrayegi..

  2. "We would be earning , but at friends' cost .."
    I feel like crying like a baby :'(

    I have to meet this poet!!



  3. my my... Tears!!!

    "Our meetings would be dependent on mouse clicks.." I hate the truth behind this line