Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Its all in a CHIT...

Engineering is known to test many aspects of one's personality in 4 years..Of course,brains not being a part of it..But this one is about one (verrry important) specific aspect - LUCK !

As they say,once upon a chit..
Its the same old story every time..everyone prepares..almost everyone leaves one (or a few) assignments on option..and then everyone prays NOT to get that chit..
The discussions outside the labs all concern the CHIT.."I wish i get ---" or "Oh god.plz not ---". A piece of paper of utmost important that one by one people go inside ,their expressions on reading the chit are worth a watch...Some see gods smiling on them through that piece of paper..while some others have the instant expression "What in the name of devil did I do to deserve this???"

The feeling when you get inside the lab cannot be put in words..papers all over the desk..all waiting to be picked..all perfectly hiding the prized chit..the mind goes through random search and hands land on one..but eyes look at another..and heart says yet another..

Then there are theories about the chit."Prof.XYZ is known for keeping difficult ones in centre","Prof.ABC keeps the easiest one at the bottom.",etc.If these are all true ,the poor last person is left with all that he/she doesnt want !

Getting the chit changed is getting another aspect of your personality tested - negotiability ! Even if that does work , you are left to the mercy of another chit !
Getting the simplest assignment is a matter of sheer luck..(I have been lucky twice now \m/)..but getting a difficult one and then successfully completing it is a completely different victory...

So well,as they say "Fortune favours...umm ..just any lucky picker " actually :D
So this one is for all those who dint get the rite chit in CL1..Just one more practical left now..just one more chit...Better luck this time guys ! ;)

Happy reading :)

P.S. : Any peculiar experiences with the chits are welcome in the form of comments :)

Tuesday, November 3, 2009


Its been a very long time so just blogged to say Hello :)

Its been a busy time ..the only books i read were OOMD and ADBMS :( ...obviously no one is interested in reviews...No new movies seen...n well to be honest missing college,friends and well even teachers... :(
So well..nothing to write about...

To all those studying for their exams -GOOD LUCK :)

happy reading !