Sunday, September 5, 2010

Who moved my cheese !!

These are some thoughts that I had in my mind when I was driving to PICT to collect my BE result. Why am I writing about it now (after 15 days) ? Because I thought it was too silly to write this until a wise guy told me "No blog posts are silly.It depends on the perception of the readers." I admit I didn't completely understand what he meant , but here goes..
I love PICT. This is the one place (besides home) where I am most comfortable (and this is perhaps true for many others like me). There are just so many memories attached to this place. Then I remembered how sad , scared and overwhelmed everyone used to be in our last few days of BE. The thought that "this" is going to end was tormenting. All facebook updates, tweets, blogs (mine included), etc. were full of senti poems and thoughts. Which brought me to the present - 2 months completed in my new job. And I realised how silly all those thoughts were.
Ofcourse things have changed. They HAVE to change. How can anything that stagnates be beautiful ? Ofcourse I miss those days. I miss chattering with my best friend all the way to college. The loud music that bangs in my ears now when I drive to office just cannot compete with it. I miss seeing my poor ( but brave looking ) scooty loaded with 2 sets of drafters,sketchbooks,helmets and what not ! I miss the bunked lectures (common offs mostly ;) ) , the daily gossiping , the games in lectures and even the boring submissions. I miss everything about PICT. These will remain unwashed memories. Nothing can ever take their place.
But there are so many other reasons to be happy now. First salary , the pleasure of spending(rather lavishly) my own earned money , enjoying the fact that I am FINALLY doing something useful (No offence to the engineering syllabus , but well.. ), disturbing everyone in office and asking doubts(:P). When I look around at my colleagues , I realise that they feel the same way about nVIDIA as I feel about PICT. And it dawned on me that it wont be long before I say "I love nVIDIA.Its like a second home to me."
I am sure this is true for all of us. Life always moves on. One chapter unfolding after the other. But we are so scared of being taken out of our comfort zones that we fail to realise what we are missing. Just because we stand at the end of a beautiful chapter in our lives , doesnt mean that the one that follows has to be bad ! Infact it could even be better :)

Happy reading ! :)