Thursday, April 15, 2010

A and R and the idiot box ..

( I know that this is know sounding similar to the Baby's day out series - first the baby has a day on its own ..then goes to China n all ..but well its true :P )

After being on the "other side" , A and R are now going to be on TV !!

15th April 10.30 pm:

A and R are peacefully eating ice cream in Iceberg ! A has chocolate in waffle cone (yummy) and R has vanilla (boring) . A reporter appears suddenly with a camera man in tow.

A and R (to themselves) : Go away ..we aint sharing our ice creams !
Reporter persists.Asks for 2 volunteers.A and R are as usual the first to step up for such pompous occasions !

A and R listen to him ( between two consecutive licks of their respective ice creams )
and after a while reluctantly give the ice creams to their friends.. ( for safe keeping , not eating )

First R gives the shot ( and then returns to her ice cream ) and then A follows !

It was great fun . Thanks to Amod , Prasanna and the reporter for help with the questions .

P.S. : IF they dont edit it, you will find us questioning Mr. Suresh Kalmadi on NDTV 24x7 at 9.30 pm this Sunday . The name of the show is "Your call".If possible catch our 30 seconds of fame ;)


  1. my god..tumche jara jastach adventures zalet nai?? reminds me of Penny and Tupence(hope i got that right)

  2. cool! .. we all will look up to you 2.. (on the TV :P ) :)

  3. hey..
    bharii :)
    retake pun ekach zala!!!!
    good.. im proud of u :D

  4. Sorry for the wrong case anyone watched walk the talk with "sania-shoaib" , well done :D

    Ok , "YOUR CALL" is aired on Sundays 9.30 pm..but again they have postponed this weeks episode of Mr. Kalmadi to next weekend.This sunday its going to be Shashi Tharoor.(I would have much preferred to ask him something but alas!)
    So silver screen debut of A and R postponed ! ;)