Thursday, April 15, 2010

A and R and the idiot box ..

( I know that this is know sounding similar to the Baby's day out series - first the baby has a day on its own ..then goes to China n all ..but well its true :P )

After being on the "other side" , A and R are now going to be on TV !!

15th April 10.30 pm:

A and R are peacefully eating ice cream in Iceberg ! A has chocolate in waffle cone (yummy) and R has vanilla (boring) . A reporter appears suddenly with a camera man in tow.

A and R (to themselves) : Go away ..we aint sharing our ice creams !
Reporter persists.Asks for 2 volunteers.A and R are as usual the first to step up for such pompous occasions !

A and R listen to him ( between two consecutive licks of their respective ice creams )
and after a while reluctantly give the ice creams to their friends.. ( for safe keeping , not eating )

First R gives the shot ( and then returns to her ice cream ) and then A follows !

It was great fun . Thanks to Amod , Prasanna and the reporter for help with the questions .

P.S. : IF they dont edit it, you will find us questioning Mr. Suresh Kalmadi on NDTV 24x7 at 9.30 pm this Sunday . The name of the show is "Your call".If possible catch our 30 seconds of fame ;)

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Just a thought ..

Just received this message from Sanket and thought of sharing it with all of you !

No poem , no beautiful thought ,
Just a tribute to the times we fought ..
Try and understand what this message says ,
A few days more and we part ways ..
No insane talking then , no crazy pics ,
Our meetings would be dependent on mouse clicks..
The parties would be corporate , the innocence would be lost ,
We would be earning , but at friends' cost ..
We would be professional , we would be "sane" ,
Then this message would be no more than a

Happy reading :)

Monday, April 5, 2010

Being on the other side...

After surviving the crucio of you-know-who here, A and R found themselves actually taking interviews !!! ( Oh yes , every dog... ) And so their adventures continue..
(For convenience , the interviewee is called I)

A : Is there any difference between NULL and void pointer ?
I : Void pointer is pointer that is void and NULL is aapla NULL pointer re
A : (waits..hoping he will add more)
I : ( silence )
A : You can ask your group mates if you want.
I : ( asks group mate )
I2 : Arey asto na to void kuthetari , NULL mhanje aapla end of linked list re..
A : okk..
R : What is your favourite subject ?
I : I dont know anything about C and DS. I am an EXPERT in DBMS.
R : (asks a few dbms questions and then gets bored)
R to A (in a hush hush voice ) : Arey hyala dusra kahich yet nahi..kay vicharu ?I have to keep him busy nahitar he is disturbing the others.
A to R (in equally hush hush voice ) : Ask normalization . Ani tula samajla tar mala pan samjavun sang..
A and R together (with a devilish smile) : heheh
R : (asks EXPERT)
EXPERT gives up.A and R are still left uneducated . :(
A : What is a global variable ?
I : (looks at A and smiles ) heheh
A : (Tries a different subject) Can you write a code to traverse a tree ?
I : (looks at A and smiles ) heheh
A : (Tries a different language : Asks some puzzle in hindi )
I : (looks at A and smiles ) heheh
A to herself :Wonder what would have happened if GT had taken his interview. (looks around for help and catches the eye of a Dreamz member in another panel (say , D2) )
D2 : (looks at A and smiles ) heheh
A gives up !
Moral of the story : Its verrry easy being on the "other" side...Anyone can do it..So next time you face an interview, look at the interviewer and smile "heheh" :D :D

Happy reading ! :)

Friday, April 2, 2010

Back with a blog ..

Hey all ! Feels good to be blogging after a gap of more than a month.Its been a taxing month - both mentally and physically and not to forget the complete chaos of emotions.To put it shortly , m glad to be at the end of it.Well some days in life teach you a LOT more than plain years put together.So this one is about what I learnt from the past few days.
  1. Take care of your health.Dont let any mental strain take its toll on you.You ill health is a matter of concern ONLY for the people who genuinely love you and others (who are responsible for it in the first place) are not remotely affected.
  2. Water is as good as blood.True friends DO exist and will look after you in all highs and lows.But at the same time , people who talk behind others' backs,then become best friends and then make plain faces to deny it all are not fictitious characters from "k" serials.They DO bear a resemblance with reality.
  3. So what if you are alone?Dont ever give up.Any person who ends up losing but still has the courage to hold his/her head high and say "true to myself and true to my God , I did everything within my capacity" is as good as a winner.
  4. Nice people who are always ready to help you are the ones who eventually make you cry.It is very easy to be negligent if someone scolds you.But caring words become a burden on your soul.
  5. I recently learnt that a great man has said that "hard working people are servants of desire and anger".(To be very honest I think , either he was quoted out of context in what I read or I did not understand the meaning of what he said since all other great men usually are known to plant laurels on hardworking people).But anyway , my belief is that , in contrast , hardLY- working people are the most frustrated lot who bask in the glories earned because of others' hard work.And well , its way cooler to be in category 1 even if it implies endless desire and anger.
  6. Things at times mean much more than just non living objects.Specially in troubled times , only the best of your tools are your comrades.
  7. There are times when all you want to do is rant n rant n rant.You expect the other person to listen to you without questions and arguments.In such times only your mom knows what to do.No one else in the world would suffice.
  8. If there exists a person who wud cry tears of joy when you win because he/she knows how hard you have worked you are really lucky.If there exist 2 ,you can safely assume that you are God's special child.
  9. Harder the road to victory , sweeter the taste of success ! ;)
Now that its over , happy to have come out of it ' a lil bit wiser ,a lil bit stronger' !

Happy reading ! :)