Sunday, May 9, 2010

Straight from the heart ..

2 days back I saw this picture on my friend Harshvardhan's facebook profile.It was dated 7th April and it had the caption "poor fellow... lost his mother yday...keeps calling her all the time :( why is nature so cruel???"
The scared,innocent eyes are enough to touch anyone's heart but being an avid cat lover , it had a worse effect on me.Immediately I found myself questioning God "HOW COULD U?" That little one obviously has no one and taking its mother away from it is as good as killing it ! I posted a comment on the pic "Oh ! please tell me that it is safe" .But even as i did this , I was expecting a reply like "No I have never seen it since then" or "No some stray dog killed it" or something worse.Next day Harshu replied "Aga ho..chan motha boka zalay ata to".
And I found myself smiling ,just staring at the pic for some time.It then occured to me that we live in such a cynical world.Perhaps it is because every morning we wake up to a newpaper full of fights,murders,blasts and other sinister happenings.At times it brings us to a point that we doubt God's existence and his will.
I easily thought of the many possiblities how this little one could make just one mistake and it could be the last in its life.But I did not think much of the one case where perhaps there could be someone who would tolerate its continuous mewing ,who would offer it the security of a fence -safe from stray dogs and fast cars,an old blanket to keep it warm in the untimely rains and a bowl of milk and a slice of bread everyday till it became old enough to find its own food.But well the kitten survived.It survived because of the love and compassion shown to it by a complete stranger.Atleast for the kitten God did appear in the form of its protector ^_^

And this whole incidence reminded me of the short story "What men live by" by Leo Tolstoy.If you do have 15-20 minutes ,do read it.
This is the line from the story :
“I have now understood that though it seems to men that they live by care for themselves, in truth it is love alone by which they live. He who has love, is in God, and God is in him, for God is love.”

As for the kitten , I pray that it stays healthy and safe ! :)

Happy reading !

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  1. Nicely written !!

    Liked the finishing touch... the quote from the book ! :-)

    @Kitten: Hope it stays healthy and safe !

  2. nice one :),
    n last quote is really amazing !!
    but tyache dole khupach danger aahet...:P

  3. Yeah! Wonderfully written!

    We become so anxious about things we care, that sometimes it is very difficult staying positive.

    But there are these divine interventions which assure us that "He is there"!



  4. Meow !!! :) ... Good one... Very few people exists in this world which have love towards speechless creatures... me too one of them... Really felt good on reading this...
    Keep writing :)

  5. Thanks all :)

    @Akshay , ghabarla asshil na tu tyaala??

  6. Aha! That story is an absolute favourite- leaves you feeling all happy and mushy :)
    God is always there:)

    Off-topic- Short stories by Saki are wonderful too:)

  7. nahi ga, chotasa tari aahe na to !!!

  8. @Shweta.. :) link for the other short stories u mentioned ?

    @Akshay..tari pan..tula ghabravayla purel to !

  9. Good to see an Active blogger joining Nvidia.
    Your blog is good.
    Keep writing.