Saturday, August 8, 2009

Bout "THAT" time

..this one is about the result times..I have had wonderful memories with "results" in the past 3 years.. :)
These times have been fun rite from FE..I remember our very first result in engineering..that was the day we had our first successful common-offs..Yeah,we were THAT sincere..
The next one was better..we were a lil experienced ( :P )..well versed with the technique of common offs by then..but then that was the start of the rumours..thats something i still havent understood..It happens everytime...someone from PICT says "result tom..notice in SIT"..SIT students say "notice in MIT" and after covering all colleges from the the end of the day we realise that it was a rumour..The whole day u c ppl smsin friends from other colleges for confirmation...
SE 1st sem we went to the rajiv gandhi udyan to see the white tiger super (basically to kill time before results)..That was fun..I still love going to the zoo :)
SE 2nd sem i decided to have some fun..i myself started a rumour bout notice being in day end ppl were telling me what i had started in the mornin...ppl tend to believe ANYTHING in such times.. :)
TE 1st sem result was on valentines day !! With the INC work pending and TOC to worry bout,(besides its date) this one was rather less eventful..
TE 2nd sem results were out on monday ..maybe becoz of the placement or becoz of the realisation that results dont matter,no one was tensed...spent a lazy monday in snack shack (?) hanging out with friends..Its always fun bunkin classes be it for ne purpose..
Now just 2 more results left (hopefully)...well not that it matters but yeah-lookin forward ... ;)


  1. do results aur baaki..
    kahaan gayi meri rakhi..
    (kahi suchat
    nahiye lihayla)

    PS:btw ha editor gandlay!!

  2. LOL...ur rakhi has been delayed due to swine flu :(

  3. @ PD.. tya lines sathi tula sashtang namaskar..

    @Aruna: Ya, the result time is real eventful everytime wid something or the other different.. And its mostly good for you.. Its more of whether you have topped or not.. :-)
    And there's some strange relation of these result declaration days with some or the other special day.. As you have mentioned, the University chose to give its 'Valentines Day' gift to students once, and if I correctly remember, it was the "Rakshabandhan rakhee" from the univ once....