Thursday, August 20, 2009

Bout PICT...

Today its been three years since we have been students of PICT..So this one is for my college... :)

21st August,2006 : This was the day we officially became "students" of PICT..We had "Principal address" where we were all cramped in that tiny room no.301 n Potdar sir going on about the "discipline" in PICT,about how cell phones were NOT ALLOWED,(OMG !I believed that) ,how attendance was compulsary and so on..We all had the typical FE look (maaz of getting in PICT + total confusion due to the new surroundings)..This was the first time I shared a bench with Ruta having no clue that this was the beginning of such a wonderful friendship :)
FE was fun..The first timers - First addiction ,First rule breaking and hence First encounter with principal ( FE 6 played ranga panchami in college !!! \m/ ),First exams,First results and First INC (Escorting :( )..We were so sincere-we would even STUDY for the unit tests... :D

21st August,2007: As far as i remember we were wondering when the results would announced and whether FE had commenced (Just because we wanted to be called "seniors").Nuthing special..
Whatever innocence was left after FE was completely washed off in SE..We were "BRATS" by SE..The 'G' batch had fun...Organised Addiction this year..and were promoted as hardware lab assistants in INC (Though during the event sir pulled us out for escorting :( )...But overall SE was quiet...

21st August,2008:I dont remember what I was doing at all..But TE was definitely the BEST year I have had in PICT..Our class got the "notorious" tag right in the first sem and we did well to continue bearing it in the second..We became "SUSPENDED TE2" towards the end of Sem 1..Suspension resulted in starting of group activities including starting of (in)famous community :P..I made many new friends in TE..Some friendships that I wish to cherish all my life..

TE sem2 ,we organised INC..I dont think any of us would forget those 2 months and the "INC ROOM" has definitely become a special place for all those involved..We played tt,roadies,uno and even 'raja-rani-chor-shipai' (Yeah! We are 'THAT' cool :P) there.I vividly remember the poor marketing people talking on the phone and yelling out at us "CHUP BAITHO NAHI TO BAHAR JAO!!".

College definitely is our second home..Maybe becoz its such a tiny place or maybe becoz of the less number of students,everything here is so homely and secured..I dont think there will be many who have NOT stayed in the college till late at night...The typical "hangouts" in PICT (very few of them actually)...The basketball court where except swimming (Thank God!),all sports events take place..It is also our dance floor during addition n dandiya nites :P..Talk of multiplexing !...The gloomy canteen which serves the most tasteless food..Steps in front of the audi...the parking.... and the INC room for TE people...Thats it -thats our college !

21st August,2009 : I am writing this blog..remembering the last 3 years spent in this place I have loved so much ! Just one more and we become "ex" students..Well,time to get senti WILL come..As of now..planning to make sure that this year will also be as wonderful as the others !

Happy reading !


  1. Very nice ! :-)
    It's amazing how most of the people have gone through the same things in these 3 years !!

    In FE, everything was "First time" .
    We came brats in SE.
    TE was surely the best year :-)
    and now looking forward to an equally amazing BE .

    Nice overall description of everything ! Although this might be your personal experience, im sure most of us can relate to it !
    Keep writing :-)

  2. Aruna,
    Your blog is amazing!! Every thing is so vivid and so much closer to your heart. TE will be the most important part of our lives for sure. We will try to make the last year even more memorable.
    And also great timing to come up with this blog (21 August).
    Keep writing.... Blogosphere needs YOU!!
    Take Care,

  3. Khoop chhan lihile aahe... Your posts are so very realistic, emotionally practical. I could relate myself to almost every another post. Keep writing :)

  4. Thank u guys !! :)

    N is so special :) We all have been thru these moments and I am sure these will be unwashed memories forever :)

  5. Aruna,
    Chabuk lihita re tumhi lok, keep writing.
    ya, TE was the best year we had. 'The SUSPENDED TE' tag was the good, n still we want to get it in BE.

  6. I haven't enjoyed my School, Junior College and my Diploma days.... It was in PICT that I came to know about what is actually college life... I shall never forget these precious days of my life...
    Thank You all the SUSPENDED TE2ites for being a part of my LIFE.... I LOVE YOU ALL... :D

  7. Amazing !!!
    Aruna u r too good at writing ... while reading i also passed through my memories of last 3 years in coll