Friday, July 31, 2009

A long overdue one.. :P

Well as the name suggests ,this is the long overdue one... :P
I have been wanting to write for over a month now.But (not considering the fact that I have been extremely lazy) this has been a rather eventful month.
It started with my 21st bday which was the best bday so far..I got to meet/speak to all the people i love in this world in that one day.With bro flying over from Delhi,friends turning up at 12am,Ruta baking the delicious cake,it was just perfect! :)
It was then that the placement mania began.Rumour spread that placements will begin from the 6th of july..This was sufficient to spread panic.And so the next 6 days were only slogging for me with revising whatever i could lay my hands on.I had thought this would get over in 10 days.But with placements getting postponed to 13th and the two companies coming from 17th,it specially took a toll on me.I dont think I have ever been so whiny in my life before.So well thanks to all those who managed to bear with me.. :P
And inspite of all this,the placements began with a dismal performance as I cudnt clear even the aptis of thoughtworks which apparently the entire college did.The next two days went with people offering their sympathies and me cursing myself at every chance..But well,I did manage to do damage control with nVIDIA..Oh yes!finally all the tension,the stupid whining(?) and the hardwork paid off..I will never forget the 22nd of july..Yeah i got my first job on sagar's bday.. :) And I must say it feels amazing to be on the "other" side of the fence..
The last week went in completing all the tasks i have been postponing under the pretext of "placements" which included (almost everything i could postpone),rite from a visit to the eye specialist to watching harry potter (a rather disappointing one btw! )..And then here i am..
It has been an amazing month which started and ended on a sweet note..As they say "All's well that ends well".. :)

And now i have promised myself to blog regularly..Will write one next week with the results coming up.. :)
Till then,
Bye Bye !


  1. Good to see you back.. It happens, you become lazy at blogging.. But do it regularly (maybe compel yourself for the first few times) and then, when in flow, the urge to blog naturally comes..
    And well, dont wait for the results.. We had just one rumour till now.. So, lots of rumours still to come before the actual results :-)

  2. nice description :-) it feels amazing to be on the "other" side :-) ...hehe !! same here :-D
    I hope you have many more such eventful months..minus the whining :P :P