Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Things you CAN DO when stuck at home..

This one is for all those stuck at home (bored !) because of the swine flu scare...
Here are a few things you can do to kill time :
  • Hunt for PROJECT DEFINITIONS...Definitely kills time and energy..Rather boring work..But well since you have no choice.. :(
  • Study hard for GRE,CAT,GMAT,GATE,etc...No better time span to have college off.. (Last non-fun CAN DO)
  • Play FARMVILLE...Excellent pass time..Plant RASBERRIES..they need to be tended to every 2 hours..This one definitely ought to keep you busy and well,considering the progress from the two above mentioned CAN-Do's one may think of considering this as an alternate career ! :P
  • POKE people on facebook...This is fun of its own kind..A better variation will be to SUPERPOKE - kick,throw cake at,pass bear to,etc
  • Take all the irritating QUIZES available on facebook and not to forget ..PUBLISH them.. :D
  • Read other's orkut profiles,especially the ABOUT ME and TESTIMONIALS..
  • THINK about what u want to do in life,about your existence,about how u r wasting it,about ur soul ....(ALL RITE .. Was just kidding on that one ;) )
  • Start watching some TV series (FRIENDS,HIMYM,etc)..or movie series (STAR WARS,MATRIX,LOTR,HPetc) ..Its long seasons are enuf to keep you occupied..
  • READ ( or write ) such useless blogs !!
(More CAN-DO's are welcome in the form of comments !)


  1. Acknowledgements :
    Amod Jaltade - for the orkut testi n bout me readin pt!

  2. or u can just sleep endlessly till u find nothing new..
    n in the meanwhile, even if u find good thing to do, jst continue the sleep :)

  3. Thanku Thanku ! :P
    Hey we do pretty much the same things throughout the day :-)

    my additions :

    * Sleep !! Sleep through the better part of the day.
    * (Ab)Use Twitter :P

  4. Amod and Sagar (PD) ...SLEEP !!! ofcourse !! :)

  5. good one Aruna!... that is pretty much what i do! hehe :P

  6. One more ..
    *Chatting (gtalk / yahoo!) ...and..stay u get to choose whom to chat with :D

  7. @Amod..yeah..n specially choose "busy" ppl to chat with..even if they try to shoo u away..its fun irritating ppl ;)

  8. yeah !! (Amod chatting with "xyz" who is _apparently_ busy )
    Amod : hi, u busy ?
    xyz : well..yeah..
    Amod : kk...watchya doin' ?
    xyz : im busy...ttyl...
    Amod : oh c'mon...u dont wanna tell me ??
    xyz : no a bit busy so i cant tell u right now !
    Amod : ok ok...but wat are u so busy with ?
    xyz : im busy..dont u get it ?
    Amod : hey man..chill..just asking wat u are doing ?
    (*xyz is now offline and cannot recieve your messages*) ...another one bites the dust :D :P

  9. Found another one today ! UPLOAD PHOTOS !!

  10. Absolutely true!!
    I remembered the Cartoon Network Thing to do which i used to watch religiously!!!this one on similar lines but for grown up idiots like us...:)

  11. Play the following games:

    Highly addictive and time-consuming :)

  12. all timepass ideas in a nutshell!! :D

    well u i would suggest reading novels too !!