Friday, January 15, 2010

Bout TRUE friendship..

We have grown up listening to the story of two friends traveling through a dense forest at night.One friend sees a bear coming towards them and climbs to a nearby tree forsaking the other.The bear then whispers words of true friendship to the other friend.Practically it ain't possible to take all our friends one by one to the forest and get them checked by our good old bear.
So in the past few years I have found my own definitions of true friendship.This blog is what friendship is to me !

  • Friendship is RUTA for willingly replacing with her own stuff , something that I had borrowed from a classmate and carelessly lost , for drawing my diagrams before submission even when I hadn't asked her to - just because she knew I may be late,for sharing all the joys and sorrows with me in the past 4 years,for always saying things that I want to hear at the moment, for being the sister I never had but always wanted !
  • Friendship is SAGAR for getting punished but not taking any of our names when we were all culprits but he was the only one caught by the principal when we played rangpanchami in PICT,for tolerating all my teasing (dadhi) with a smile :)
  • Friendship is PRASANNA for always taking me along no matter where we went-picnics,classes,movies,parties,etc , for teaching me all the stuff that dikshit sir said (cough cough ;) ) and I didnt understand, for sharing the most memorable day in my life, for being such an amazing "bhai" to me.
  • Friendship is AKSHAY and NACHIKET for riding the bike on a hot afternoon so that the rest of us could enjoy the comforts of a car , for spending almost the entire picnic at the puncture place so that our picnic wasnt spoilt and yet never complaining about it.
  • Friendship is MRUNAL for forgiving an innocent mistake I made in the days we dint know each other but which made things difficult for her and still being such a lovely friend yet never ever bringing the past blunder to my notice-neither by words nor by actions.
  • Friendship is AMOD for leaving all his work for 3 and half hours and helping me when I had trouble compiling the kernel for the first time,for being my helpline no matter what time of the day,for always being the first one to comment on my blogs because he knows I like it.
  • Friendship is NEHA for getting me Baphana notes despite the fact that it was pouring cats and dogs outside when I could not attend class due to illness,for always being the one to wish me luck before I give any exam and always being one of the first few to congratulate me if I end up doing anything remotely good.
  • And last but in no way the least, friendship is NIKHIL for being my magic wand for the past almost 7 years, for offering his brand new expensive cell when I needed speaker for some stupid presentation,for coming over to my place to teach me graphics the day before exam because I was feeling "tensed", for all his "lectures" (:P),for being the first one to scold me when I flunked the Thoughtworks apti and for believing in me even at times when I doubted myself.
Friendship for me is all these wonderful people who turned up at 12.00am on my bday just to make me feel special,who tolerate all my mood swings,tantrums,rants and yet are always there for me whenever I need them.

Blessed am I to have such doting friends ! Some of these may be trivial for you all.You may have even forgotten it or never given a second thought to it.But your little actions taught me the meaning of true friendship.So this one is for my true friends - I love you all and cherish every memory we shared ! :)

Happy reading !


  1. Touching..i dnt remember the first thing though..u r geeting better with each blog..great..:)

  2. @Ruta ,I told u, u guys may not even remember - in this case I am talking of Kaushik's pendrive cap which I threw in the grass :P despite of him having warned me that its loose..Every time I see ur "takla" (:D) pen drive ,it reminds me of a wonderful friend that you are ! :)

  3. great... n very touching too... loved it :)

  4. @Deej n somethingfresh ,thanku :)

  5. Guuuudd ! .. bhari ahe ! n ya.. mala athavtay :P
    Liked it ! a lott :)

  6. A nice way of expressing gratitude..!!

  7. hey.. this is very sweet sis :)
    hum dost the..hai..rahenge.. hamesha :)
    n yeah.. we cant forget 5th of june!! :)
    cheers sis :)

  8. Bhaarich...!!! People write a lot about friendship... But in a truer sense, this was an apt and a brilliant way to dedicate a post to friends... wonderful!

  9. @CDK,Akshay,CAPS n Pratik ..thank u so much :)

  10. @Dadhi n PD.. glad u guys read it n liked it :)

  11. Hey nice post! Friends are such precious, precious things :)

  12. Awesomeeeeee post!! :-) me likes likes likes..

  13. Good to know how much you love your close friends! Friends do make this world a better place to live.



  14. aruna khup chan.. very emotional...missing u guys a lot at this point...hope to c u soon...

  15. @Shweta n Neer ,yeah very true :) Friends are IMPORTANT ppl !

    @Nik ,thanku :)
    @Neha , missing u lots too ...n m so happy u read my blog and commented !! :)

  16. Friendship is Aru for writing all these sweet things about us... :)

  17. @Nachiket...thanku so much ! That was the sweetest comment :)

  18. Very nice post. Reflects the affection, warmth and fun in your friendship. It makes your friends and you look truely awesome. Very good. Nicely written. :)