Thursday, January 28, 2010

Bout the epitome of determination ..

You get mesmerized by certain people in life , mostly celebrities-sportsmen,actors or politicians , bussinessmen or even cartoons !! You want to know more about that person . You are disappointed at the failure of that person and elated at his/her success . You try to explain to others what it is that leaves you spellbound . But they never seem to understand . You are called childish.Slowly you get used to the ridicule but nothing deters your faith in your idol who in reality may be far from perfect . You know it but it doesnt matter to you !
If you have such feelings for anyone , only then will you understand why I am writing this blog . This one is for my idol - Zaheer Khan ! :)

I first read his interview when I was 14 . Since then I must have read almost every single one that he has given . Born in a small town , where there were hardly any means to encourage his cricketing talent , he is a perfect example of where skill , hardwork and determination can take you ! Not many know that Zaheer was an engineering student . Unlike most cricketers who have played all their lives , Zaheer first saw a leather ball when he was 17 . Just five years after that he was selected to play for India - an honor most only dream of ! Setbacks have only acted as stepping stones in his career . Most fast bowlers in the Indian cricket team have had the career span of 2-3 years . Zaheer will soon complete his 10th . He has had a career full of injuries . 4 years after playing at the international level , he realised that it was his bowling action (with a high jump) that was the cause of these . It was then that he took time off and changed his bowling action and then came back with a bang . Today he plays the role of mentor to the other youngsters in the team and is called the "unofficial bowling captain" .

Blessed with a sharp ,analyzing brain , terrific sense of humor and a pleasing personality , he has been my ideal for the past 8 years and will always be !

So this one is for Zaheer - I am sure some day you will read it ! :)

P.S.: Not expecting many , but if you feel similarly about anyone , would love to read bout it in comments !

Happy reading ! :)


  1. Nice one..:)
    Good that u still have faith in ur idol..coz i m on the verge of losing it a few days back in mine..:(

  2. Nice one :)
    My idol is Steve Jobs. There are visionaries, there are revolutionaries & then there is Steve Jobs. I have never seen a guy with such passion about what he wants to do. Impossible to write about him in this comment. Just read his biography if u get called as 'icon'. The guy is fighting cancer but still u can see his passion presenting apple's new 'ipad'.

  3. @Ruta ..ka ga ekdum ?? :P is there a mexican reason for that ? :D
    @Nachi ..nice !! cant wait to read ur blog bout him :)

  4. I had an idea you were crazy about Zaheer!
    Good blog!

    Mine is Bruce Lee

    P.S: One piece of advice.... moderate the comments.. My blog has been spammed lately!

  5. hey bharii... n u actually have talked to him :)

    njoy GOA.. gettin bored in CLP pracs :( lol..

    well my idol is well..umm.. actually no one as such :P . though tendulkar comes pretty close :)

  6. @Aruna : I have been reading your BUZZes out there. But now I have realized that what your idol matters to you..!!

    My idol is Dr. Vijay Bhatkar. He hass been my source of inspiration since my Diploma..

    Great going.. Keep it up :)

  7. Enjoyed ur blog! abt first paragraph: I competely agree, I feel same thing abt Ganguly. I know, he's lil weird , but love him... ok i should stop here... otherwise i will write another post here... :)