Friday, September 11, 2009

Bout "Luck"

Hello all,

Just sharing one of my favourite poems (tiny lil one) :)

Disclaimer : If you ever see poems on my blog ,I assure you they will never be my own.So you can go ahead and risk reading.

I think some of you must have already read it but for most others who havent,here goes..

He worked by day,
And tired by night,

He gave up play
And all delight.

Dry books he read,
Of what great men had said.

New things to learn

And forgot to earn

He plodded on..

With faith and pluck

And when he won,

Men called it "LUCK" !!

Happy reading !


  1. I only agree partly-hardwork will take you only that far. Luck definitely plays a part. (Me being a case in point :))

  2. @Shweta.. 'Fortune favours the brave' :)

  3. Sorry for late comment

    No matter how strongly one denies, Luck is one of the crucial factor to success!